Roles of Alumni

The Alumni Chapter is often the greatest resource that a chapter possesses. Unfortunately they are often underutilized and appreciated. The chances are that for every strong successful chapter, there is an active alumni group to match.

Our Alumni Board play a lead in the following:

  • Organizing and operating the alumni chapter
  • Managing the chapter property as the housing corporation
  • Advising the chapter through the alumni advisory board

Alumni Speaker Program

In this program, an alumni speaker addresses the chapter at our General Fraternity Meetings (held every Wednesday at 7:00PM) and educates us on something the alumni wished they knew as an undergraduate. Topics can vary from how to plan your finances to how to take care of your car. These presentations serve as great way to reconnect with the chapter. 

Example topics could be: What should you do to be financially secure once you graduate? How does one invest in the stock market? What are the essential parts you should check on your car? How does one structure a resume? What are the terms to securing a loan? How does one acclimate to life after graduation? You don't have to be a prolific public speaker. Chapter members would be excited to learn from you.

Support Financially

For the last few years, the chapter has been giving three undergraduate scholarships for for incoming freshmen and sent a record number of brothers to the Leadership Institute (Delta Upsilon International's annual conference). Funding for this scholarship came from the Educational Fund. We ask for your continued support for these educational programs.

Our chapter strives to keep dues and rent at a competitive level while offering an extensive array of events and activities. In addition we need assistance in ensuring that our facilities are maintained at a high standard of excellence. 

We are always looking to improve our house and host new and innovative events. Donating, no matter how small, allows us to do this.


Alumni Mailing List

Over the course of our history we have lost touch with many alumni that we would love to reconnect with. If you know the names and contact information of any alumni not currently on the mailing list please fill out the form below! This allows you to get an email copy of our newsletter when it gets published! You can also find them here!

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