What is a fraternity or sorority?

A fraternity is an organization found on college campuses. Fraternities can be founded for social, academic or philanthropic reasons. Typically fraternities have all male members and sororities have all female members.

What makes Delta Upsilon different?

Delta Upsilon is the only non-secret, non-hazing, non-sectarian fraternity at Georgia Tech. This means that all of our rituals are open to the public, hazing goes against who we are, and we choose men of merit regardless of race or creed.

What is rush?

Rush is a recruitment period during which fraternities and sororities open their doors to campus and seek new members. At Georgia Tech, rush is entirely alcohol-free. Male rushees are able to visit any fraternity they want in whatever order or capacity they desire. During rush, fraternities and sororities may extend to you a bid to join. If you have any questions about the rush process, feel free to contact our VP of Recruitment.

What is a bid?

A fraternity or sorority may extend candidates they are interested in a bid or "invitation" to join. At that point, it is up to the candidate to decide whether to accept the bid and join the organization (thus beginning the pledge process) or to refuse it.

What does it mean to pledge?

A pledge is someone who has accepted a bid with a Greek organization. Each Greek organization has different requirements for pledges to become full Brothers or Sisters.

What is the Delta Upsilon pledge process?

Our pledge process lasts 8 weeks. At the beginning of the pledge process, the pledges are informed of all of the requirements needed in order to initiate. These include reaching a preset point minimum as set by the Associate Member Education, obtaining the paddle signature of each active brother, and the demonstration of positive attributes that better the chapter. Points are earned through participation in brotherhood events, good academic performance, completion of philanthropy and involvement in outside organizations. A minimum number of points must be obtained from each designated area, in order to ensure that our Brothers are well-rounded.

What are the paddles for? What is a paddle signature?

The paddles are decorated by each pledge during their pledge process with their name, the fraternity's colors, and the school's seal. The requirement of paddle signatures is a way of ensuring that the pledges get to know each active brother. When a brother signs a pledge's paddle, it means that the brother accepts the pledge into the chapter and sees him as an asset to the fraternity. The paddle is a concrete symbol of acceptance into the brotherhood.

Are the paddles used? Are the pledges hazed in any other way?

No. We are committed to our ideal of non-hazing. The creation and possession of a paddle is simply a fraternity tradition that we keep, though it is never used for anything outside of collecting signatures. We believe hazing divides rather than strengthens the bonds of brotherhood. Hazing is not tolerated by any of our members.

What does it mean to be a member of Delta Upsilon?

Delta Upsilon strives to achieve our four founding principles:

  • The Promotion of Friendship
  • The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • The Development of Character
  • The Advancement of Justice

As a member of Delta Upsilon you are expected to demonstrate these ideals in your life through your interactions with your Brothers, classmates, roommates, friends, faculty and strangers alike.

How will joining Delta Upsilon affect my grades?

We take academics very seriously. All pledges are required to complete 10 study hours per week. Any Brother who makes bellow a 3.0 GPA each semester is placed on mandatory study hours. Failure to complete the mandatory study hours results in the brother or pledge being brought to the Judicial Board. The Judicial Board will then take any and all action deemed necessary to ensure the brother or pledge succeeds academically. The Brothers are constantly helping and encouraging each other academically. Study groups are commonly seen in our house. Last semester, our fraternity GPA was a 3.54 and our pledge GPA was a 3.82.

What things does Delta Upsilon do to give back to the community?

At Georgia Tech, we work with numerous philanthropic organizations throughout the year to ensure that our Brothers realize how fortunate they are and embed a sense of civil duty to serve those less fortunate. Visit out Philanthropy page to learn more.

What is the Delta Upsilon social scene? How do you manage risk?

At Delta Upsilon, we know how to have a good time. Our Fall Great Gatsby Party is one of the largest social events at Georgia Tech. That being said, we strive to maintain a safe environment for all members and guests. Georgia Tech does not permit mass alcohol containers such as kegs, punch bowls, or even a cooler filled with beers. Delta Upsilon strictly follows these policies. At large social events, we have brothers designated as sober monitors as well as contracted security guards. Our Risk Management and Loss Prevention Chair is closely involved in the planning of all events to ensure the safety of all involved. The Risk Management and Loss Prevention Chair also ensures that all brothers and pledges are educated in the Delta Upsilon risk prevention policies.

If something unfortunate were to happen....

We are committed to the well being of our members. We have accidental insurance on all members and guests at fraternity sponsored events. Should a situation arise where medical attention is required, we will not hesitate to respond in a manner appropriate to the situation.

How much does Delta Upsilon cost?

We try to keep our dues and rent at a competitive level. At times we may have to adjust our rates. The current costs are listed below:

  • $928 Dues a semester
  • $1000 Meal Plan (5 lunches and 4 dinners per week)
  • $1750 Rent a semester ($1000 for summer)
  • $100 Security Deposit fully refundable assuming no damage to the room
  • $150 House Fee a semester

How soon can a pledge expect to live in the chapter house? Are Brothers required to live in the house?

Brothers can move into the house immediately based on availability, but if you are in Georgia Tech housing you are subject to their rules concerning payment of their fees, which are non-transferable. Living in the house is not required at any point, but is highly recommended for the full fraternal experience.

How is the chapter property cleaned and maintained?

The brothers and pledges are required to clean the house based on our work assignment system. Failure to complete your work assignment results in a fine. General repairs are conducted by the chapter on a regular basis. For large scale repairs, outside contractors are hired.

What are the rules and policies of Delta Upsilon?

The Georgia Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon does not tolerate hazing of any kind, sexual harassment, or the abuse of alcohol or drugs. We have a Judicial Board whose sole purpose is to decide on disciplinary matters. 

Can the rules change? If so how?

Our chapter must abide by the rules and policies set forth by Delta Upsilon International. The House Rules may be changed at the beginning of each semester by a 2/3 vote of the brotherhood. The By-Laws can be changed at any point by a 2/3 vote of the brotherhood.

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask by email or attend one of our General Fraternity Meetings Wednesdays at 7 pm.