Legacy: Starts With One


Founded in 1957, the Georgia Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon is the only Greek organization at Georgia Tech based on the principles of non-secrecy and non-hazing. Unlike most fraternities, we believe we don't have to hide behind secret meetings and rituals; all of our meetings and rituals are open for anyone to come and observe.

Many men who are hazed in fraternities find themselves reconciling the experience with a belief that it was necessary to really become close with the brothers, or that it was worth it to gain the benefits the fraternity offers. Our brothers believe that, rather than fostering brotherhood, hazing divides a fraternity. We also know from experience that all of the benefits are available without hazing its members; therefore, we are committed to building our bond based on common values and ideals.

We also pride ourselves on being a diverse fraternity open to men of all backgrounds and walks of life, and we refuse to look for people to fit some generic mold. We instead strive to improve ourselves through service, learning and brotherhood. One look at our fraternity will show its diversity, but a conversation with any brother will reveal our common bond. This diversity translates to a wide range of activities. Our brothers enjoy hanging out with one another, whether it is a formal in West Palm Beach, Florida, a weekend retreat in Helen, Georgia, or just simply watching a movie together at the house. We have several large parties throughout the year that all brothers work hard to make successful, and we are always looking for new cultural experiences in and around Atlanta to broaden our perspectives. Our brothers enjoy the benefits of a massive network of opportunities and experiences, and are involved in numerous on-campus organizations and initiatives. If any of these opportunities sound like something you would want to consider involving yourself with, don't hesitate to contact us with questions or drop by the house and see what Delta Upsilon has to offer!

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