If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven’t done anything today.
— Lou Holtz, Kent State Chapter of Delta Upsilon 1958

Since 1957, the brothers of the Georgia Tech Chapter of Delta Upsilon have set the standard for Greek Life on campus. Using the foundations set forth by our Founding Fathers, we continue our tradition to advance justice, promote friendship, diffuse liberal culture and develop character.


Our Motto

Δικαια Υποθηκη
Dikaia Upotheke
Justice, Our Foundation

What We Believe In

No Secrets. No Hazing. Today, being the only non-secret fraternity means that our principles and ideals are open to public scrutiny and inspection, allowing others to judge whether we are living up to our own expectations. We pride ourselves on being called "The Gentlemen's Fraternity". In short DU is about balance. We strive to get the most out of the college experience through academics, professional connections, philanthropy while leaving enough time to relax. You will learn things about yourself you have never known, you will try things you have never tried, and have some of the best years of your life doing it.